Sister girl unpacks her grocery bags
Sister girl minds herself; hums a sweet, sweet song
This is what she has become
This is what it means to be a sister, girl:

To unpack new things, to feel joy divine 
To replenish the wine, to cook and dine
To this new coffee maker, promising and true
To its wet, warm, and wondrous brew
To wipe down this tabletop, watch it spark and shine
To adorn this spice rack with tandoori, teriyaki, and thyme
To settle into this movie, to feel good and blue
To take your time, to do-you-boo!
To feed your mind with something good, something new
To have said mind feed you

This is what it means to be a sister girl
This is what it means to be a sister, girl

About the author:

Charmaine Denison-George is from Freetown, Sierra Leone. She is currently a Creative Writing (fiction) candidate at Texas State University. She enjoys writing fiction, nonfiction, and, occasionally, poetry. Charmaine is also an associate editor at Poda-Poda Stories, an online journal for Sierra Leonean literary arts.

Feature image by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash