the morning light / a sun-kissed face / plants/ sunflowers / well, flowers in general.

a compliment from a stranger / a compliment from those I love / the smell of rain hitting the earth / the unbridled freedom of dancing under the rain / the sounds of dried leaves under my feet/ lush green fields / stunning architecture / beautiful furniture / dreaming up my future home.

movies that make me laugh and cry / songs that say words I've tried to say / songs that make me want to burst out moves without reservation / bursting out said moves with the walls being my only audience / inside jokes with friends / memories that make me laugh out loud on the road / warm, long hugs / friends saying  "this made me think of you" / friends as soul mates / beautiful conversations about nothing and everything all at once / conversation that make me wonder where all the time went.

the smell of books / the pleasure of reading those pages / a child's laughter / a child trusting me to hold them without breaking into tears / food, the smell of it, the taste of it / collective consciousness / youths spilling out on the streets united / youths demanding better / wonderful adult allies / young change makers.

watching other people fall in love / falling in love / people loving me as I wished to be loved / back hugs / romanticizing every day / poetry / forehead kisses / clumsy protagonists / romcoms / cereal / loud unbridled laughter / writing letters / silently staring intently at nothing / paintings / sunsets that rival said paintings.

About the author:

Adebisi Amori is a student, poet, and writer from Ibadan, Nigeria. Her works are largely about identity and mental health. You can always find her with a book in hand. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @theadebisiamori.

Feature image by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash