In the traditional Tarot card deck, the Star card is part of the 22 Major Arcana symbolizing a person’s journey to fulfillment. The Star represents rejuvenation, renewal of hope, and rebirth. In this illustration the original symbols of a woman, stars and a bird are still present, but re-imagined in the context of a young woman rediscovering her ancestral religion. In the present-day South-East of Nigeria, certain people still preserve the old ways, paying homage to goddesses of the rivers and lakes. It is comforting to imagine a time when a disillusioned Gen-Z population might find new hope in old paths.

About the artist:

Ijeoma Ossi is a freelance illustrator living in Enugu, Nigeria. She is particularly inspired by folklore and the supernatural, and loves delving into the mythic history of cultures around the world. These influences feed into her visual and verbal storytelling. Her client work includes book illustration, graphic novels, picture books, visual development (character and background design).