California Poppy text:

Walking up the steep hill

I hear my breath

You say “mija, do you hear that?” 

I know by now, you’re referring to the wind

The way it’s brushing up against the petals of each flower 

Like a string orchestra 

They each play their own part, but together they make a symphony 

Each time remastering an old song 

You begin to recount:

How the flower covering this hill,

the California poppy 

is your favorite

For this flower represents home

You crossed purple mountain majesties 

To come here, to this place

To give your family what you only dreamed of 

About the author:

Melody’s passion is teaching and empowering others by sharing what she has learned. She helped launch an arts and crafts program at a children’s hospital and also taught at San Quentin State Prison. Melody hopes to inspire youth to explore and expand their creativity through web development, writing, and art. Connect with her on Twitter @melrserra and on Instagram @melodyroseserra.

Photo by Pamela Heckel on Unsplash