Artist statement:

The latest series of collages were constructed when my immediate living environment changed from a wonderful old house with a large workshop to apartment block existence. With hardly any space or storage I had to downsize and put together collages on cardboard, manilla envelopes, and various second hand children’s/nature book covers. The idea was that they could fit into a folder in a carry-bag/satchel and be worked on wherever I was. Ninety percent of these collages were started and conceived while in transit, either in a cafe or pub and even on public transport. The initial energy being my surroundings and then fine tuned at home. Sizes range from A4 to long fold out pieces a metre and a half long. All these works are for sale, if interested I’m contactable via email:

About the Artist:

Goran Tomic is a Collisionist Autodidact Artist from Sydney Australia who has exhibited his Collages, Video Installation and Performance art over the past 20 years… raised on Rauschenberg and born posthumously, he Flaneur’s the urban decay searching for his Wilderness robe.