Artist Statement:

My work featured in Isele was made using Midjourney AI, while using poetry and prompts to cope with the loss of my younger sister to cancer. This series, “Griefscapes in the Surreal,” helped me create a meditative space to put my attention and sadness into. I was amazed at the dreamlike and intricate landscapes and moods I was able to sculpt from this “digital seance”. 

Though I am now returning to my traditional materials and techniques, I will always find these works inspiring. They gave me a star to follow in the waves of grief.  

Editor’s Note:

Ward provided all the artworks you’ll find in our January 2023 issue, including the featured images of the individual post.


Walt Ward is a self-proclaimed Zen dabbler and a terrible poet. He lives in Montpelier Vermont, where he works primarily as a facilitator and mentor for adults with disabilities. W.W. will be showing his latest digital and traditional works in February 2023 at J. Langdon Antiques in Montpelier. Stealingowls@instagram