These artworks tell a story of pride in the Black and queer experience. My art aims to show the beauty and unique nature of Black love, joy, and stillness. These specific pieces show queerness as a normality and not an oddity. The portraits show displays of human emotion including kissing, stillness, and movement.

Title: Queer Love

Description: A queer couple in an intimate embrace with a rainbow flag above them. This artwork is a tribute to Pride Month.

Media: Pen + Digital art

Title: Cloud High

Description: Two womxn kissing and experiencing the transcendent experience of floating on clouds.

Media: Pen + B/W watercolour +Digital art

Title: Miss Symone

Description: A portrait of famous drag queen Symone.

Media: Pen + Digital art

Title: Brown moon

Description: A person moving to the wind under a brown moon.

Media: Pen + Digital art

Title: Nonchalant girls worldwide

Description: A Black woman showing a nonchalant expression, highlighting the nuanced beauty in Black women.

Media: Pen + Digital art

Title: As I am

Description: A portrait of a trans man sitting comfortably in their skin

Media: Pen + Digital art

Title: As we are

Description: Artwork portraying two trans people standing comfortably in their skin

Media: Pen + Digital art

About the artist:

Zani Sizani is a 26-year old artist and musician from Port Elizabeth. She is currently based in Johannesburg. Growing up, she was always drawn to art, practicing throughout her school career as a way to express her individuality. She chose to study architecture as an extension of her artistic and social desire to understand the fundamental elements of community, space, and art; and how it all comes together. Practicing both music and art helps her cultivate a deeper artistic persona as she designs and creates through her personal experiences and lens. She personalizes what she wants people to know and understand about her art as it depicts the Black experience in its softness and lightness.