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What it Means to be Free | Bono Sigudu

I was awakened by the gravity of tension and flickering notes on the red table that had my grandmother’s face engraved on it, where my mother hosted her gambling sessions. There was always a toddler oozing with mucus and a hanging diaper, latched on to a mother’s waist, another one crawling to get to the […]

Welcome to America | Marina Rubin

Welcome to America  we arrived at the john f kennedy airport in the middle of april, wearing our heaviest sweaters, astrakhan coats, centuries-old gold refurbished from coins and teeth into earrings and chains. a family of five with no english and two suitcases per person, careers, houses, and tombstones neatly packed between the linings. for […]

A Bigger Life | Sara Stancliffe

My dad’s dresser was always littered with shiny odds and ends. As a little girl, I’d stretch my arm to the almost-out-of-reach top and sift my sticky paw through the pile of smooth, cool debris, imagining how he sounded walking around with all those coins in his pockets. My little fingers would shuffle through the […]

Year of the Rabbit | Blake Z. Rong

This was once a true story. I was standing at the corner of Hamilton and Emerson, watching the cars pass through the streetlights, and it was overcast but warm, rare for the season, when I encountered the man who had come from France. I had watched him leave the boutique hotel behind me, seen his […]

Sunset Dreams | Troy Onyango

On most Sunday afternoons, she walks down the path lined with sedges, blackjack and blades of napier grass towards the shore of the lake. She finds a secluded spot hidden behind the foliage of trees and sits on a rock. From there she can wait for the sunset while watching the high school boys smoke […]

All in this Together | Tunde Nemeth

As I open the door, my senses are flooded with the warm, heady aroma of fresh-baked bread. I hadn’t realized how fragrant my apartment had become until I stepped out for a moment and stepped back in. The aroma draws me back to the kitchen, where I find the two gorgeous loaves of hearty rye […]

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