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Four Poems | Tracy Haught

Under the Streetlamp, 11pm at the Crosswalk and it’s snowing like Vermont snows at night. A blurred December magic, Christmas lights flickering like it’s alright. Holding her cigarette, barehanded, she sits on cardboard atop concrete, in her usual spot, alone, corner of State and Main. I give her my gloves and head toward the bar.…

A Broken Compass Rose | Anastasia Jill

peace: imparting lenses for the girl who’s decomposed — / made a homeland where nomads laid their flags in my sunset vertebrae, declared my spine a ghost blaze while laying their red robes to hide my wounds; they folded their hands and mouths in a skin graft prayer, prayed for the genesis, a new world…

Bloody Shame | Jen Ross 

She peers between the bright blue, vibrant yellow, and outrageous orange cloths draped in a dizzying array across a humble market stall. Next door, a clashy combination of pink and lilac flowers adorn plaid offsetting psychedelic prints. A vendor arranges a colourful display of sandals on worn metal shelves as others haggle or harass shoppers…

First Phone Call  | Nicholas Cormier III

Static shock. Can’t touch the phone. Haven’t been able to touch phones since the madness began. Grab crumpled toilet paper out of my oversized pants pocket. Wipe down the phone. Lean back. Close my eyes. Do my damnedest to recall the one number I know by heart. Dad. Got it. Follow a series of voice…

An Edge | Olaf Kroneman

There were no steel bars. It was minimum security. It was like summer camp for grown-up reprobates. There were no heavily armed guards walking around with clubs or spying on us perched from towers. This would be home for a few months. I would leave “rehabilitated” but without my medical license. With what I did,…

This is Lillian | Melanie Chartoff 

“This has been one of the great experiences of my life,” I said, letting tears crest in the corners of my eyes, photogenic in style.  “And you need someone who doesn’t need you.”   That landed so great.  I did not say,  “You need another workaholic asshole with intimacy issues just like you.  Who can crowd you out with her kids…

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