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Cherry Season | Natalie Pascale Boisseau

(French: [klafuti]; Occitan: clafotís [klafuˈtis] ) My love, when I look at the deep red cherries in the white bowl before me, the color of a sunburst heart, I become a citizen of the present moment. I forget that I am a foreigner in this country. Through the window, the sky is blue and the red […]

Open House | Jordan Namerow

One of the first “normal” things I did after being fully vaccinated was check which houses were for sale in my neighborhood. Not because I have any desire to move. I love my family’s vintage colonial and the things that come with it: the stained glass windows cradling a blue and red family crest; the […]

Six Poems | Lukpata Lomba Joseph

Pulse In minutes my bones will break through red walls of my flesh, ribs, knees… —Betty Adcock What I’m saying is that this is the scene of a crash. I mean, there are no roads here. I mean there are burning grasses, a few stems lopped off the stumps, and a fold of leaves kissing […]

Two Poems | Taiwo Akinyemi

Sand house The last time I saw her, I was four. The grip of rainfall on that season was Like hands around the throat. And it was an April, after the hesitant Outgoing of the dusty winds of harmattan. Sand house evening. We squat On the chilly sand ground and Build: piling brown petrichor Scented […]

Three Poems | Sihle Ntuli

SAVE YOURSELF hysteria inhaled through the nostrils, induces a rude awakening for the caught off guard when breakdown finds a host it crawls inside a nerve emerging as a restlessness from deep fissures of human nature caressed by soft determinism of an impending doom salvation seeking refuge beneath the breath of a whispered prayer fearful […]

Deliverance | Jadesola Ajao

Last Friday, Pamilerin had slashed at his mother’s arm with a knife, but this had been a mistake. He had meant to plunge it into her belly.   When he said “Mommy, I swear to you, if you take one step closer, I will stab you,” Olamide took a step forward, not because she wanted […]

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