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Master Zambezi | Ola W. Halim

I.  Mum doesn’t wait for Jermaine to exhale, to change, to stretch his tired legs, before she breaks the news:       “Your Master Zambezi is dead.”      “Mum, please.” Jermaine tries to steady his breath. “Which Master Zambezi?”        “How many do you know?”  “The. . .?”  “Exactly. The unspeakable.”        “Seriously? How did […]

Occhi Blu | Tej Rae

Is it a girl? A woman in blue loafers called from across the stone path of Villa Pamphilli, where her off-leash beagle was nosing Asha’s dog.  Asha knew what she was getting at: two bitches in close proximity meant trouble.  No. Asha shook her head, her hiking boots covered with dried mud from the last […]

Promenading Around Kaduna | Ekweremadu Uchenna

come with me to the beauty booths along KASUPDA Junction to gush over the bevy of girls flaunting beady waists & ankles till you choke on the fumes of nail polish & hair oil or go across the bridge just when the sun is riding on the river & coating the world in a warm […]

Two Poems | Precious Okpechi

calling it ruins Or perhaps it is the case that only that which has not been articulated has to be lived through. – J.M. Coetzee say you paint me an image of the sky, i would – in the storm of blue and roaring white clouds – miss the kite gliding over these mountains. when […]

Darlington Chibueze Anuonye in Conversation with Chisom Okafor

Darlington Chibueze Anuonye is a literary conversationist, editor, and writer. Chisom Okafor is a  poet and clinical nutritionist. They wrote back and forth in early April, discussing intersections between medicine and poetry, the possibilities of clinical disability poetics, and more. Anuonye: Hello, Chisom. Congratulations on being shortlisted for the 2022 Brunel International African Poetry Prize. I […]

The Baby Doesn’t Have a Name | Ahmad Adedimeji Amobi

Before this serene-but-bitter moment, there had been a moment when wails flung out of our mouths and collapsed in the air. The moment the doctor came out, pity drawn on his face, and announced to our ears that “the baby has gone.” That moment when the baby’s father, my elder brother, who had dragged himself […]

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