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Tall Tales | Obi Echezona

There is something incredibly sad and beautiful about short stories; it lies in their brevity, their ability to capture readers attention in a short time, leaving them sated, but not so sated. It is this quality that makes them worth their salt. It is this same quality that makes the stories in Tall Tales absolutely distinct. Obi […]

Darlington Chibueze Anuonye in Conversation With Adedayo Agarau

In early April, Nigerian poet, Adedayo Agarau, was shortlisted for the 2022 Brunel International African Poetry Prize. In this interview, the editor and writer, Darlington Chibueze Anuonye, engages Agarau in a conversation about/around his poetry and his contributions to the growth of contemporary African poetry.    Anuonye: Adedayo, congratulation once again on being shortlisted for the […]

The Bel-Mar Blade | Bronwyn Hughes

My older sister blasted back into our lives as if no time had passed at all. Belle hadn’t returned to the Island in almost eight years, not since I refused to be her maid of honor and Mumma and Fletch refused to let her have her big day under the willow oak. Naturally, she had […]

Heart Weeds | Shaun Anthony McMichael

My co-leader, Ozzie, pulls the Parks Department van into the Safeway and, like always, our crew of kids is already there, clustered around Junior’s lowered Civic at the farthest end of the lot from where we roll up. Like they want to delay dealing with us white guys for as long as possible. But this […]

Ready for the Revolution? | A. K. Herman

Out of the blue Andrea texted me: Hey. Have issues with men. With the few opps that exist for blks. Sry for dissing your diss + pulling you into a fight. What you said had me 🔥. I said some 🔥 stuff too. Idk what to say/do at this point. I’d called twice before her […]

Poor Baby | Ngozi John

…well, I run to the rock, please hide me I run to the rock, please hide me… But the rock cried out, “I can’t hide you” So I run to the river, it was bleeding I run to the sea, it was boiling… So I run to the Lord, please hide me Lord… But the […]

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