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Glowworm | Tayler Bunge

Death creeps through like a glowworm. It steadies itself and readies itself on a campsite of your memory. “When we used to.” “The last thing she told me.”  Eventually it’s late summer and she’s been gone four months and the house is cleaned out and the only finality is the truth that time is abandonment […]

Right | Rilla Askew

She is sixteen and her mother puts her on a bus at the Trailways station in Fresno and sends her to Oklahoma to live with relatives for the summer and maybe forever because her mother’s new boyfriend keeps walking in on her in the bathroom when she’s taking a shower and he won’t fix the […]

Just See | Ashley Bullen-Cutting

“That Mae has been out there all night,” George Bisnett says to anybody who will listen, his voice growing louder and louder each time he is ignored. He moves a little farther down the pier, idling near the biggest of groups who have yet to spot her.  “Damndest thing,” he barks in an octave higher than his […]

Witch Hazel | Gabriela Denise Frank

The death of Briony’s parents left her, at sixteen, to run their homestead alone. Decades later, the townsfolk still whispered about the car accident that killed her folks—not because it was unusual, but as a means of gossiping about Briony. No wonder the girl turned out weird. She had shunned college, marriage, and children, yet through some […]

Unmaking Grace: An Interview With Barbara Boswell

Unmaking Grace, the novel by Barbara Boswell, is prefaced with a prologue that essentially grabs you by the ankles. It offers a brief glimpse into a possible violent past, a longing for what has been lost, and the anxiety that comes with revisiting a haunting memory.  The novel is split into two parts and chronicles Grace’s […]

Bitch, I am (not) a Mother! | Temi Chukwumah

Besida had vivid nightmares of something forcefully tearing out of her. After hours of being paralysed, Besida would try and wake up and other times, she just tried to die.The nightmare would start like this – Besida would look into the mirror, but she could only see a broken reflection, her body contracted and expanded […]

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