Did you know that gravity is an illusion?
That every heavenly body slows time down
and bends space toward itself
so that each object traps others in the distortion? 
Reality is not the same from place to the next,
but it’s all a web of light.

It empties and fascinates my tired mind,
and makes me feel alone and apart.
My depression feels like all of me,
more backbreaking than my breasts
Except in the twinkling silence 
where I am the expanse, I am whole, I am kindness.

I’m rather unoriginal for being cured by the heavens - 
Gods live there.
Though I have to go find them when I want to feel again.
I drive at night to darkness alone
just to see my tonic.

I feel purpose. I’m built for awe.

About the author:

Mila Hursey is a born and raised Californian. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her beloved feral dog, hiking, and finding new ways to heal her nervous system. 

Feature image by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash