He is just a short order cook
in a drab dreary cafeteria 
paid little, working long hours
the glowing griddle his domain 
fresh ingredients his passion
I am mesmerized watching
this handsome young man with
delicate hands and copper skin
gracefully cut, slice and chop 
red, green, yellow, orange, 
white and purple vegetables 
complementing them with a
finely blended bright salsa sauce 
served on golden sautéed tortillas 
he smoothly handles various orders
creating colorful culinary masterpieces 
he’s a visionary whose entrees
are akin to prismatic paintings on canvas
the famous artists of the world would envy
the radiant hues and presentations 
displayed by the unknown short order cook

About the author:

Jane H Fitzgerald is a history teacher turned poet. Her four books – including Notes From the Undaunted – are available on Amazon. Her poems have been published in print and online in Your Daily Poem, Devil’s Party Press, Sad Girls Club, Open Door Poetry Magazine, The Poet Magazine (Britain) and more. She loves words, colors, friends, family, harmony, breezes, and her garden. Even through the darkness, she is a lover of life. Jane lives in the beautiful, diverse state of Florida.

Feature image by Daniel Gregoire on Unsplash