To the PAST Untitled Oil on Canvas 30″ x 40″:

I Ran. The whore. Called to the door. Locked. Loaded. Imploded. Places abound with nowhere around to hide. Spaces that bore my breasts inside. Chiding. Deriding. She. Knowing what craft He made of Me. I return. Unlocked but bound. Steel. To heal.

To the FUTURE Unbridled Oil on Canvas 24″ X 48″:

Eternal yolk. Knots unwound. Unwounded. Salved and saved. God, help me. Be She. Through caves of clay and blood and ashes. And trust. Mud and fire and salt. Stardust.

About the Artist:

Jennifer Purling-Baker is a surrealist painter and sculptor residing in Prairie Village, Kansas. With an interest in quantum cognizance and a drive to better understand the illusion of matter and the quandary of being, Jennifer takes an intuitive approach to her work allowing imagery and form to emerge with as little planning as possible so as to reveal and heal subconscious material and release that which resides in unconscious corridors. Jennifer considers it a blessing of immeasurable magnitude to make a creative contribution to the human conversation. Visit to view more of Jennifer’s work.